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Guangdong Maichi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of non-standard hydraulic and ultra-high pressure equipment such as one-way hydraulic press, two-way hydraulic press, cold isostatic press, dry bag isostatic press, etc. Maichi Machinery has developed hundreds of special equipments in various fields, mainly serving special ceramics, refractory materials, cemented carbide, graphite carbon and other industries. The main products of MACHI Machinery include vertical cold isostatic press, horizontal cold isostatic press, dry bag cold isostatic press, bidirectional special ceramic hydraulic press, ceramic hydraulic extrusion molding machine, bidirectional refractory hydraulic press and others. Special hydraulic equipment, ultra-high pressure hydraulic equipment, etc.
Maichi Machinery currently has YS series 10 tons -400 tons four-column two-way special ceramic hydraulic press, YSN series 50 tons -400 tons four-column bidirectional refractory hydraulic press, YK series 600 tons -3200 tons frame type bidirectional refractory hydraulic press, JC series 20 Ton-300 tons hydraulic ceramic extrusion molding machine, LDJ series 100-1000mm bore diameter cold isostatic press, widely used in the production of porcelain balls, lining bricks, wear-resistant ceramics, acid-resistant ceramics, ceramic roller rods, refractory materials and products.
Maichi Machinery is the vice chairman unit of Foshan Mechanical Engineering Society, the supervisory unit of Foshan Machinery Equipment Industry Association, the vice chairman unit of Foshan Zhuxi Alliance, and the vice president unit of Enping Machinery Industry Association.
The vertical cold isostatic press produced by Maichi Machinery has the unique advantages of fast, efficient and reliable operation in harsh environments. The horizontal cold isostatic press has low input, high output, no special foundation and no need for plant. It can be widely used in ceramic ball isostatic pressing; “automatic isostatic pressing ceramic ball forming machine” has the characteristics of high efficiency, high pressure, low energy consumption and reasonable price; bidirectional ceramic press is especially suitable for molding ceramics. Lining bricks, linings, ceramic table knives and other special ceramic products; ceramic extrusion molding machine is the ideal equipment for ceramic roller, quartz roller and other ceramic pipe market. The two-way refractory hydraulic press widely replaces the friction press for various types of refractory production with its advantages of high efficiency, high product quality and saving human resources. The various equipments designed and manufactured by Maichi Machinery have been used by leading domestic related industries.

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