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Two-way special ceramic hydraulic press

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Product description

1, two-way special ceramic hydraulic machine features

The two-way special ceramic hydraulic press has the same size of the upper and lower cylinders, which can achieve simultaneous pressurization up and down, and the pressing action can be fully automated.

2. Two-way special ceramic hydraulic press

The two-way special ceramic hydraulic press is especially suitable for dry pressing forming of special ceramic blanks such as alumina and zirconia such as ball mill lining brick, hot air duct lining, zirconia ceramic knives and ceramic mobile phone backboard, and can also be used for similar powder product blanks. Dry pressing.


3. Main technical parameters of two-way special ceramic hydraulic press

Other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, contact number: 13302418068 Liugong, WeChat: 14623359993, E-mail: much6188@163.com
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